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Veiled Threads

Gossamer silk tulle for a truly beautiful veil that invites close inspection. Photo Credit Salt Media

The search for a beautiful tulle

You don’t need to compromise your sustainable fashion goals when looking for a wedding veil. Most wedding veils are made of polyester or nylon tulle (made from petrochemicals). After many years of experimenting and searching for a beautiful silk tulle, I’ve finally found one that I’m in love with. It’s a delicious bobbinet tulle of 100% silk, gossamer fine and luxurious.

Silk tulle is one of the most sustainable fabrics for a veil it is ultimately biodegradable as it’s made from a natural protein fibre produced by the bombyx mori silk moth.

For years we’ve seen the heads of brides bedecked with flower crowns now it’s the veil’s turn. The somewhat old-fashioned associations are gone and it’s reimagined as a dramatic accent to your wedding look. I love the drama of veils. A veil can completely transform your wedding look and situate you instantly as ‘The Bride’. After all who else will be wearing a cloud wafting gently behind them as they walk?


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