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Still searching for clues


Youth hostellers in Scotland in the 1950’s

I’m being fed lovely photos of the ‘woman who wore the dress’. The woman I’m interested is second from the left. Her name is Jan.

Brit tells me “In 1955 Jan went on a working holiday to Europe. 
This is her outside Glencoe YHA Scotland, 2nd from left, next to dad’s cousin Judy, who later introduced Jan to William”

Now I know her name is Jan, Janet, (Australians shorten most names). Her beautiful face looks out at me from the past. They’re all smiling, looking very carefree and relaxed. I’m guessing it’s summer by the way they’re dressed. The three young women on the right look like they have been or are about to go on a bush walk or hike. Jan and the woman next to her are wearing shoes with heels and skirts, looking a little more formal than their friends.   How did Jan get to Scotland? How long did she spend there? What sort of working holiday was she on? Was she a nurse, teacher? There’s so much I’d like to ask her but she’s no longer here.

I’ve just googled Glencoe YHA, it’s still there and it looks like the sort of place I’d like to go today,lots of walks to do in a beautiful part of the world.

In this age of instant information gratification it is bewildering and frustrating not to be able to find what you want. I keep coming up against dead ends, digital blank walls, which might be due to my choice of keywords or to the fact that the information just isn’t out there.  I’m looking for information about Australians travelling to Scotland in the 50’s for working holidays, and information about Madelene Newport. Doesn’t everyone have an archive?  Time to do some leg work by visiting some real archives and real experts.

Here is another photo of Jan in a garden, not sure where or the exact date but It looks like the mid 50’s by her attire.


Jan Dolph Jones with her dog in the 50’s


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