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Beaded lady


Beaded and embroidered lace panels

The most beautiful things arrive unexpectedly. Sometime ago a friend rang me and asked if I was interested in a piece of old embroidery? Of course I said yes and promptly forgot all about that conversation, until yesterday when a squishy heavy parcel arrived. Wrapped in gold cellophane were these amazing pieces of beaded tulle embroideries. Fit for a fairy princess, despite their obvious age, they sparkle and twinkle. The design has a folky feel, like something from a Russian fairy tale. I’m guessing that they’re Edwardian? I wonder where they came from and the story behind them and who made them.  The tulle is a rather dirty grey and I think if it could be washed carefully would reveal a white or off white ground. I’m definitely going to get some professional advice before I do anything to it. There are the remains of hooks and eyes on the narrower panels where the silk binding is attached.  So until I know how to care for these pieces I will content myself with admiring them and dreaming of the dress that they adorned.


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