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waist not want not

As we head towards Christmas I want to be careful not to step into my comfy clothing. It is not that I want to be uncomfortable, it is just that I’m uncomfortable with the idea of putting on weight. (More weight really) It is easy these days with most clothing containing a degree of stretch in them not to notice when we put on weight. I have an idea that the type of clothing we wear can have a direct bearing on our weight in an unhealthy way. I have decided this Christmas season not to abandon my slightly uncomfortably tight pants in an effort to control my eating habits. If I wear clothing where there is a stretch waistband I am unlikely to notice my expanding waist.   I don’t want to get to the other side of January and despair. Comfort stretch which exists in many woven fabrics does indeed provide that, comfort. But comfort can go too far and hide the increase in numbers on the tape measure.  I am determined to get my waist back, it has been slowly disappearing over the years and I have been slowly replacing my woven garments with knits. It is time to stop this slow slip.

How many times have you heard people complain about not being able to fit into their old clothes? Good  clothes that could still be worn but for a weight increase. A woven waistband on a garment acts like a belt, it alerts you to changes in weight. Why should we be worried about this? Well I think we all know that there is an increasing problem with obesity and the effects of unhealthy weight gain on our health and the health of our society in general. So I’m going to try by changing my dressing habits this season, wearing a belt, wearing woven garments without comfort stretch, abandoning my trackies as my Sunday choice.  Keeping a track on my habits too will help…

expanding waists incur waste

There are many reasons why we buy clothing, adding unnecessary weight gain as a reason shouldn’t be one of them. The slow fashion movement asks us to be conscientious  consumers of clothing. This includes what we do with the clothing we purchase, how we look after it and the garments life cycle. Being able to wear that garment for as long as possible is one way of  committing to responsible consumption.


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