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slowing down

I had the opportunity to get down to the shack in my week off. I had two nights there on my own. It was a time to collect my thoughts read a book (Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates) Clean and organise the books on the shelves. We have a wonderful collection down there accumulated over many years, more than 40. Great titles from Shakespeare through to Bulgakov and Australian Seashores by William Dakin. William Dakin’s book on Australian Seashores is a classic. It is one of my favourites, beautifully written detailed descriptions of marine life on the East coast of Australia. Every chapter starts with a literary quote. Our copy is weather worn, the salt and dampness gets in to the shack and the book is wearing its age. I always try and learn something new from this book. After exploring the rock pools I go back to the shack and open this treasure trove.  This time I learnt that the fleshy red anemones are called waratahs and that the little orange semi-transparent flat shells tossed up on the beach sometimes ImageImage

are called jingles. Which is just the sound they make when you gather them together.


2 thoughts on “slowing down

  1. I love the picture of the shack. I just learned that those lovely transluscent shells are called jingles in a poetry workshop…. and now I know those amazing gems of the sea are called waratahs. thanks!

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