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diary entries

The diary entries in The Australian Flower Arrangement Calendar Diary 1967 begin on the 14th of August starting with The building of “Distant Hills”

Martin took levels and put up profile. Charles gave a hand. … Good weather.

The last entry is on December the 4th with drainage dug (rainwater)  ….Very warm

Was the house finished?

Who has lived in it?

Where was it?

Is it still standing?

It is so fascinating….a glimpse into a past life. The author is anonymous…She has a friend called Olive. Perhaps her name was as lovely, Beryl? Violet?

the lovely neat cursive writing of the anonymous diarist


2 thoughts on “diary entries

  1. Olive met Beryl when the worked together at the Bird in Hand Pub, that mad year, when life was surprising and crazy and fun. Back in Australia, they kept in touch, made plans to go to Japan to learn more about flower arranging. They had seen their first Ikebana arrangements at a function to showcase the new Japanese screen printed fabrics. They were hooked on flower arranging and mad about all things Japanese.
    But then Berly met Martin…..

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