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wonderful whimsical flower arrangements

entries for the building of the house distant hills

When I wrote my little post about Ikebana last week I didn’t expect to find a serendipitous treasure at  a great junk shop in Ulladulla called Dee’s funk and junk. Dee is a woman after my own heart. She knows that everything has a use or re-use. I took my students there for inspiration for an up-cycling project that they are doing. While I was pottering around with them listening to their excited squeals and their what is its? I found a little diary from 1967, The Australian Flower Arrangers diary of 1967. It has lovely images which I will share with you as soon as I return to pay for  it. There are diary entries too…mostly about the weather. The flower arrangements are definitely influenced by ikebana. I can’t wait to learn more.


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